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Our materials


Melamine cabinets have evolved over time to become a top product in the customized cabinetry market. We love it because of its many benefits!
  • A competitive quality-price ratio
  • Numerous colours and finishes available
  • The robustness and durability of the cabinet doors
  • Minimal maintenance required


Slightly more costly than melamine, polyester is the perfect choice for a more luxurious look. Here are a few of its benefits.
  • Resistance to humidity and heat
  • Good quality-price ratio
  • Accurate imitation of wood
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Natural protection against scratches and shocks

Polymer (thermoplastic)

Customized cabinets in polymer (or thermoplastic) are very much in demand, despite the fact they are at a higher price range than some of our other available materials. Certain benefits weigh the balance in their favour.
  • A selection of smooth and shiny finishes, perfect for contemporary styles
  • Ultra-resistant to heat and humidity, as well as shocks and scratches
  • No discolouration over time

The best hardware on the market

Quality storage and cabinets require hardware that is functional, durable, aesthetically pleasing and varied! We collaborate with the most reliable manufacturers and distributors on the market, so we can offer exactly what you need.

All styles in one place

Due to the variety of materials we work with, the advanced expertise of our teams and the sophistication of our factory, we can create cabinetry projects in the exact style you would like!

  • Modern / contemporary
  • Classic / traditional
  • Country
  • Industrial
  • Rustic / farmhouse

All types of cabinet front panels and drawers are conceivable with our equipment.

  • Glass door with decorative moulding
  • Shaker door
  • Full door with decorative moulding
  • Panelled door
  • Shaker door with panelled centre
  • Slab door
  • Slab door with simple moulding
  • Door with textured front (grooved)
  • Embossed panel door

Our showroom

The best way to assist your client through the decision-making steps of the project is to visually present them with different solutions. Invite them to our Repentigny showroom, specially designed so that you can meet all their expectations with a wide variety of samples.

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We answer your questions

Each member of our service team will do everything they can to provide the necessary information for the realization of your projects. Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.
Our approach is exclusively designed for customized kitchen distributors. More precisely, construction contractors, interior designers and kitchen specialists are the type of clientele we serve.
Absolutely. We are a distributor’s best partner! Thanks to our highly technological factory, we can promise the best timelines possible for your project, without compromising on the quality of the product.
Yes! A portion of our service team is entirely dedicated to this service. Whatever is needed post-delivery (additional hardware required, questions regarding installation, etc.), we are here to help you in a timely manner.
Of course. Contact us today to discover our accessible and courteous service.
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