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From kitchen cabinets to special projects, take a look at our recent completed projects, inspired by the latest trends on the market.

Customized kitchen cabinets

Material : Polymer
Mixed colours are more present than ever in kitchen design. Here, the shiny white fronts of the panels above perfectly match the darker fronts below. A bold touch that is far from shocking!
Material : Melamine
Sleek kitchens – with virtually no cabinets and upper storage are very popular. Create sophisticated and inviting spaces for your clients.
Materials : Shaker polymer + flat polymer
Why not try a mix of styles? Here, the combination of smooth fronts and shaker fronts bring a certain depth and unique style to the design!

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Customized storage

Material : melamine
Whether it is to optimize space or create additional storage units, customized cabinets can be integrated into any room of a home, not just the bedroom. A garage, basement or home office are also great places for storage!
Material : Polymer
Storage units are not merely practical, they are also part of the aesthetic design! As in this example, where the contrast of colours and finishes add to the overall style of the room.

Special projects

Material : melamine

We are masters in the art of producing high volume melamine kitchens for major residential projects such as condos towers. No one is faster and more precise than us to deliver on time and impress the buyers!

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The widest selection of styles and materials

At Cuisines Tech Profab, we offer you the best products for your customized cabinets. From our continuously updated selection, you can choose the products that best meet your needs and correspond to the latest trends on the market.




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