A highly technological customized kitchen cabinets factory

Cuisines Tech Profab has been steadily moving towards the 4.0 industry! Our sophisticated factory guarantees an offer that reflects the most recent trends on the market!

Properly executed projects, delivered on time

Our factory is large, versatile, and equipped with cutting-edge technology. Your clients will appreciate the wide range of advantages that are possible at our innovative facility.
An assurance of superior quality
The best lead times
A production capacity without technical constraints
Secure storage before delivery
A relatively infinite selection of materials
An impressive quality-price ratio

The best machinery

Measuring, cutting, gluing, assembling, fixing, packaging… whatever the task, at Cuisines Tech Profab, each job is executed in full or in part with top-of-the-line equipment. Our machines are reliable, efficient, and well maintained to deliver quality cabinets and fronts at all times.

Cutting-edge technology

Our teams of experts have mastered the most formidable softwares for conception and design, as well as manufacturing production. Our factory uses proven technological tools to deliver your projects on time.

Have a project in mind?

Tight deadlines, complex requirements, innovative materials… Our team of experts can bring your plans to life! Contact us for a customized quote.
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