Assistant cabinet assembler

Job summary

Reporting to the production supervisor, the assistant cabinet assembler installs all necessary hardware on furniture components according to work orders and production schedule.

Responsibilities and duties


  • Measure and clean furniture components
  • Install hardware according to the technical specifications of the work order
  • Inspect components and identify defects visually or with a measuring tape according to specifications
  • Repair or recycle defective products according to the company’s rules and standards
  • Convert various measurement units (imperial vs. metric)
  • Take measurements to ensure product conformity
  • Assist the cabinet assembler according to the backlog


  • Perform various tasks in the production department when required
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Skills, qualifications and working conditions

  • Relevant experience in a furniture manufacturing facility or equivalent (an asset)
  • Very good knowledge of industry materials
  • Ability to convert various measurement units
  • Great manual dexterity
  • Ability to lift 3 to 60 pounds and stand for long periods
  • Proficiency in French (spoken and written)
  • Skills: responsible, reliable, resourceful, quality and detail oriented, adaptable, team player

Other requirements

  • Available during peak production periods

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